• Jakob Wissel

    From an early age, Jakob Wissel knew he would be a part of the global community. He has achieved a lot in life and traveled down many routes that have brought him closer to his family, friends, and community. Jakob Wissel has led a highly eventful life and embraces change daily. He is an ardent traveler, a man of religion, and an accomplished individual. Wissel is the man he is now because of his love for his family, his professional accomplishments, his excellence in school, and the connections he has formed.


    The world welcomed Jakob Wissel on August 22, 1996. Born to German immigrants Ditmar and Linda Wissel in Ocala, Florida, Wissel is among the first of his age to have achieved the American dream. They were primarily responsible for his early years since they taught him to be a responsible young man who pursued his goals, especially in a foreign environment that provided the pressure he needed to succeed.


    Jakob Wissel has three half-brothers, which has had a significant impact on him. His feeling of purpose and obligation to his community has been enhanced by having such a close-knit family, especially throughout his youth. His parents would enlist him in the Boy Scouts, and in 2012 he won the esteemed title of Eagle Scout.

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